A Soundtrack Saves the Day

Last night my husband and I set off to drive to my parent’s house for Easter. It was Friday night and we both had a tough week. It was already after 5 :00 when the car was packed and we were backing out of the driveway. We were hungry and cranky as we sped down the rainy road.

I decided to put on our favorite Spotify mix to try to pick up the mood. Right when I was getting into a song and about to show off my first dance moves, my husband said, “ugh change it, I hate this song’s ending.”

“Ooook.” I said.

Then I suggested that we stop at 5 Guys for a quick burger. This will definitely lift our spirits! It was delicious, but unfortunately we left with full bellies that made us even more tired. Two and a half more hours? Sigh

Then I had another idea.

“Can you put on The Greatest Showman” soundtrack?” I asked.

Not even 2 minutes passed before we were both singing at the top of our lungs, smiling, laughing, and completely happy. It took us a few tries, but we finally found what we needed.

It’s the Small Things

It has been a long week of parent conferences. By Wednesday I felt completely fried. On Thursday morning I dragged myself out of my car, down the hallway, and into my classroom. I put my bag down in my chair and took off my coat and gloves. When I hung my coat on the back of my chair I noticed something on my desk!


WOW! The note reads, “Here is the book I told you about- Carrie”

There’s not much better than a surprise book recommendation waiting for you. What a great way to start my day! My spirit lifted and I took off across the hallway to say thank you to Carrie. We talked about this book over a month ago and she remembered! It’s those small things we do for each other that make such a difference!

Pizza Time

A few weeks ago my husband and I went over to a friend’s house for dinner for homemade pizza. We discovered that buying pre-made dough made the pizza-making process so much easier. When we went home I also searched my cabinets and drawers and found a pizza stone and a wooden peel (that’s what it’s actually called!). I forgot we got one when we got married.

So this week we bought the dough and got ready to make the pizza. I was a little nervous. When my husband and I first moved in together we decided to make homemade pizza when his parents visited for the first time. We lived in a Boston apartment and set the entire building fire alarm off. Everyone had to evacuate and the fire trucks came. So much for making a good impression to my future in-laws.

That’s why this time I wanted to make sure I was prepared. I sat down at my laptop and do what I always do when I need to learn how to do something. I go to YouTube. Sure enough I found a great little video instructing me on how to use the pizza stone. My biggest take away was to make sure that I leave it in the oven afterwards to cool down.

We put out pizza in the oven with the wooden peel, waited 10 minutes, and successfully shimmied it back out. It came out great!

Last night however, I preheated the oven to bake chicken. When I opened the door to put the pan inside, I saw the pizza stone! It was 400 degrees in the oven so I decided to leave it.

“Mmmmm smells good!” my husband said when he walked into the kitchen. He cracked open the oven door and then turned and looked at me. “Why is the pizza stone still in there?”

“Well I forgot to take it out before I preheated the oven and the YouTube video said to make sure to leave the pizza stone in the oven until it cools. It specifically said DON’T TOUCH IT.”

“What? Of course you can take it out.”

“No, don’t!” I said in a panic.

“Oh come on it’s fine.” He grabbed some pot holders and gracefully removed the stone and placed it on a burner on top of the stove.

“Oh…. good job.” I said.

He smirked and walked away.

I guess there will be a lot more pizza in our future!
















The Raspberry Incident

“Nice shirt, Cindy” a colleague said yesterday at lunch.

“Thanks! It’s my Spring Shirt since it’s yellow like the sun.” I replied.

Two years ago I first wore my Spring Shirt. It is bright yellow with white and blue wide stripes. It is thin cotton, three quarter sleeves, and just so comfortable. I waited until the perfect March sunny day to wear it.

Except it wasn’t a perfect day for the Spring Shirt. During snack time, a raspberry practically exploded as I bit into it. A penny sized stain appeared on my shirt! Oh no! Not raspberry juice! It’s going to stain!

I quickly got to my computer and sent out an email that said this:

Does anyone have a tide stick? I had a raspberry incident with my shirt!! 😦

A few minutes later 3 tide sticks appeared at my door. Math had to start 5 minutes late as I frantically got to work soaking and rubbing the stain. Phew! I saved it!

A little later I got an email back from my principal. Apparently when he saw my email he rushed out of his office on the way to my classroom to bring me a yard stick to measure the tide with. He said he was halfway there when he realized what the raspberry incident referred to. His note concluded with:

Good luck with the shirt and in case you need to know high tide is at 11:17 this morning and will be 10’8”.

Luckily when I wore my Spring Shirt yesterday, everything went smoothly. The bonus is reliving the raspberry incident and giggling about the tide stick all over again.

Great Advice After A Long Day

It was a long afternoon of parent-teacher conferences. As I wrapped up my last meeting, I packed up my things and dragged my tired body down the hallway and out into the parking lot. Seeing my car, all alone, made my shoulders hunch even lower.

I finally made it home and entered our warm kitchen.

My husband pulled a homemade pizza from the oven and gave me a big hug. I nibbled on my slice and felt like a zombie. It was 8:00 and I was exhausted. Afterwards I curled up into a ball on the couch with an episode of Friends.

It’s only Monday.

As I got ready for bed, I looked into the mirror above my dresser. Poked into the edge, is a quote that my mentor teacher gave me during my first year of teaching.


It’s still such a great reminder, 9 years later.

Spring is Here!

Yesterday was another cold, grey day. It’s almost the end of March and I just can’t take it anymore!

Some of the grass is finally showing in my yard so I decided to poke around. I turned toward the back and stepped in the space where the hammock usually lives. It’s such a perfect reading spot. I move on around to the garden and begin to plan out where my veggies will go. I turn the corner back to the front when I see them.

“Come quick!” I called out to my husband.

“What?” He shouted back, “Are you ok?”

“Yes! But look!”

He jogged over and a big grin appeared on his face. “Welcome back friends!”

We marveled at our crocuses and tulips that still manage to come back after such a long Maine winter.

Spring is here!

Later we stopped at the garden store to get our seeds. Only a few more weeks until we can start them indoors! We also picked up some daffodils to put on our table. We just couldn’t resist. Finally back at home I rummaged into the closet and put up our forsythia wreath on the front door- the cherry on top!

Spring is here!


March For Our Lives

Yesterday I marched. I made sure I arrived early so I could find a parking spot. As I started walking I began to see a few people carrying a sign that were going in the same direction. Ok, I’m not too early. I thought. We turned a corner and a few more people were clearly on their way too. We emerged onto the main road and both sides of the street were filled with people, all going in the same direction. Definitely not too early.

We made it to Congress Square and waited for the march to begin. People seemed to be appearing from all angles, filling up the square.  I looked to my right and saw a fellow slicer! What were the chances in such a huge crowd? We were both by ourselves and it was such a gift to have a buddy!

We chatted and took in our surroundings. We appreciated the powerful signs like


Am I next?

Arm us with books, not guns 

I can’t believe I have to use school supplies for this sh*t.

At 10:00 thousands of us began to march. We were inspired by how many people came out to stand together. A church bell rang continuously, joining us in our protest.

We wondered what will happen tomorrow or if anything will change. Regardless, participating in the march was a way we could find hope and remember that we’re not alone.

Thanks, Dad

Yesterday was the end to a long day and a long week. It began when my alarm went off 15 minutes earlier because I had an early meeting. I had a substitute cover my class for the morning and returning to pick up the pieces isn’t ever fun.

Finally I had a moment to sit down at my laptop. I opened Chrome and clicked the tab all the way to the left-past the Google docs, the calendar, and my work email. Why not take a peek at my personal email? I saw a comment left on today’s slice, but it was from a new reader and I had to approve it.

I let out a tiny gasp. It was from my dad. My parents have diligently read my blog during the Slice of Life Challenge for the last 3 years and for some reason my dad decided to leave his first comment.

It made my day!

Snow Day Date

A few weeks ago my husband and I both stayed home because of the snow. It was a busy day for me filled with graduate school work and report cards. My husband, on the other hand, relaxed. When I have a lot of work to do I like to take frequent breaks. Occasionally I would pop into the other room to bother him and he would equally wander into our office to distract me.

Around 3:30, I looked out the window and saw that the plow still hadn’t come down our street. It was still perfect skiing weather! I told my husband I was going to take a ski and began to prepare. I changed into warm leggings, pulled on my extra thick socks, and tied my hair back to fit under my hat. I turned on my current audiobook and popped my ear buds in.

As I was tying my second boot, my husband appeared in the doorway. His lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear a thing.

“What did you say?” I said pulling out one of the headphones.

“I said, I’ll come with you.” He replied.

“Really?” I asked, completely shocked.

“Sure! Why not?”

Now this was a surprise! We got him used cross country skis, poles, and boots at a ski swap this fall although he hadn’t used them yet. It was the sweetest gesture for him to choose this day to be his first time skiing.

It didn’t matter that the wind was blowing so hard that it stung our cheeks or that we just went around the block. It was a perfect little date in the middle of our snow day.

Bento Box, My Love

A bento box for Christmas,

Now my lunch is fun

Crackers, cheese, and watermelon

A home for every one


1 large compartment

and 3 small

it houses all my flavors

with its plastic wall


Oh dear bento

I love you so,

Is it time for lunch yet?

Good! Let’s go!

bento box