Yay My IPhone Died

Not a thought I expected as I set out for a run after school yesterday.

I left my house and the brisk air immediately surprised me as I started my run down the road. It was 53 degrees yesterday and today it was barely 30. I took a left today instead of a right. The ice must be gone by now, I thought. I looked both ways as I crossed the street and entered the trail. After I passed one couple and a man with a dog I was finally alone.

I could hear the roar creeping in through my headphones and my thoughts left the Zach Braff interview on the Off Camera podcast. The noise seemed to crescendo and I reached the top of the last hill. I made it. I reached the waterfall.

As soon as I took out my phone to snap a photo it went black. Removing my headphones, I sighed. I was only half way through my run- what would I listen to?

I looked down and saw the way I was standing on a giant boulder that overlooked this waterfall. This was more interesting than Zach Braff! I suddenly was transported into that scene from the Lion King. You know, the one on Pride Rock where Simba is held into the air when he is born. Music filled my ears and I lifted my head toward the sky. I smiled. I would have missed this if my phone still had battery.

I headed back down the path the way I came. This time I listened to my muffled feet against the leaves and took in the silence. No animals stirred, it was just me. After a busy day that was filled with To-Do’s, text messages, and noise; it is the silent forest that welcomes me home.


3 thoughts on “Yay My IPhone Died

  1. Cindy–You are rockin’ this challenge! So glad you turned potential frustration into a rich moment and that your left turn was more rewarding than mine! Great final paragraph, especially the line “It is the silent forest that welcomes me home.”


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