Time Travel

Many people have been saying that the new Netflix show “Fuller House” is horrible. The corny catch phrases are in full swing from Joey saying “cut it out” to Jesse’s “have mercy”. Almost all of the of original cast members make an appearance and the show even went as far as to have a reprise of Jesse’s hit song, “Forever”. Critics, say what you want. I loved it.

The thing is, I was obsessed with the original show, Full House, when I was a kid. It was part of my routine: get off the bus, watch TRL, do some homework, and then Full House would be on while my mom was making dinner. My sister and I loved the characters, especially the two older daughters: DJ and Stephanie.

It was only after the first 5 minutes of watching the new show Fuller House, that it hit me.



I still identified with the characters DJ and Stephanie the most, but now in an entirely different way. DJ and Stephanie aren’t the kids in the show anymore. THEY are the adults and have their own kids! It’s like I was transported back in time almost 30 years ago to 1987, just to be raced forward to the present.

To me it was a surprise of how much time has passed. I was transported back to doing homework and listening for my mom to call me to dinner. I was back in my living room with my sister when life was much simpler. When you are younger time seems to move slowly. The milestones are much more frequent: Move on to a new grade every year, go to high school, learn to drive, go to college, get your first job… Then the way you keep track of time starts to change. The road ahead is less certain. It is not as it was in the Tanner house in San Francisco. Now it’s 21 years later and looking at DJ and Stephanie is like looking in a mirror. Is that really me?


6 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Someone once told me that we have the same “problems” in middle school as we have as adults. Now, I like to think of this positively. We have the the same role models as well, and with the perspective on our experiences we can relate to new characters and their new lives. I, like you, can’t wait to watch it having grown up with it too. Enjoy!


  2. I haven’t watched the show yet, but I know what you mean. I’ve had that same feeling about many things as I turned 40 and realized that I no longer identify with the younger mindset. I am not OLD, but I am growing up. It’s weird to acknowledge it outwardly. Haha.


  3. Ok I think you just convinced me. I have to watch this show. I’m in the same boat – I’d relate so much to DJ and Steph as the parents. And Kimmy Gibbler? Is she a mom too? Woah. No Olsens though I’d wager.


  4. I still envision DJ and Stephanie as little girls. It is hard to imagine them as grown-ups. I haven’t seen “Fuller House” yet, but your writing makes me think it might be time to tune in.


  5. Interesting thoughts on how milestones change our perception of time passing, Cindy. I don’t think I’d ever thought of it that way. I’m pretty sure I never watched the original show but I’m amazed by the power of other shows from my youth to send me winging back through time. I’m not sure what I’d do if there was a new Little House on the Prairie to watch, but I’m pretty sure I’d still be calling myself Half Pint.


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