SOL Day 6: The Dictionary

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There was recently a Book Fair at our school and the next day many books were left over- 4 tables were full in fact. After fist pumping when receiving an email from our principal that said “have at it, take any books you’d like,” I briskly walked down the hall and scoured the tables. Sharks? Bailey School Kids? Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold? Yes! Yes! YES!

Oh yeah, we also could bring our students down to the tables so they could each pick out a book. We lined up and walked down to the book tables. The kids were ecstatic! They got to choose any book they wanted and could keep it- for FREE! I watched the students get excited about a book about hamsters and intervened when some chose chapter books that were not appropriate for a 2nd grader.

My favorite moment was my surprise when one student proudly showed me her book selection. It was an old, green, dictionary.

“Why did you choose that book?” I asked.

“Oh, just so I can look up words.”

“Hmm, sounds good to me!” I replied.

When we lined up to go back to the classroom I saw 4 other students proudly carrying their own green dictionaries. While everyone was sharing why they chose their book during our morning meeting, a student came in late. He asked a teammate what was going on, and I invited him to go back down the hall and pick out any book he wanted.

Of course he came back with a giant green dictionary.

“Why did you choose that book?” I asked

“Oh, so I can learn about everything that has happened in the world so far.”

I could not suppress my giggles this time and said, “Well, a dictionary is just a list of words. You use it to check how to spell a word, or to figure out what a word means.”

“Yeah, that’s right.” He replied with a smile.

I forgot about the 6 dictionaries until it was time to leave for the day. As I was walking my class out to the bus area, one student came sprinting back down the hall.

“What happened? What do you need?” I quickly asked.

“MY DICTIONARY!” he shouted, “I forgot my dictionary!”

I wonder what those 6 parents will say when their child arrives home an old dictionary. I wonder if it will ever be opened instead of a quick Google search. Or will it just sit on a new shelf for years to come?


5 thoughts on “SOL Day 6: The Dictionary

  1. Another great slice, Cindy! I love that your students chose dictionaries. Your snippets of dialogue brought this to life. “MY DICTIONARY! I forgot my dictionary!” Love it! Let the wild word rumpus begin!


  2. Love that these kids of today chose dictionaries. I still love mine, the one a BFF’s mother gave me when I graduated from high school. And yes, I still use it.


  3. This is so funny! It reminds me a student I have right now. His desk is always too full and every week when we do desk inspection I encourage him to take home that gigantic dictionary that he keeps in there. It takes up so much space. But there’s no way he’s taking it out of there. I think it’s some sort of comfort blanket for him. I guess it could be worse. Thanks for sharing a great slice!


  4. I too can see that kid running down the hall yelling out for his dictionary. Too funny! I wonder if you will ever find the draw for them? Maybe one day down the road you can let us know what the appeal was for them? Beyond word love, which I wholeheartedly approve!


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