SOL #9 Arts and Crafts are for Grown Ups Too

As I was packing up to leave school yesterday I noticed my desk looked like this…

RW 1

After a meeting, I figured it was the perfect time to prep for my reading workshop lesson for tomorrow. Usually I am wrestling with large chart paper, finding mentor texts, or going over conference notes from the previous day. Today was different.

I thought instead of writing the teaching point on the chart, I would make a fantastic, colorful, realistic-looking, paper version of a Reading Emergency Kit. I pulled out paper, scissors, glue and tried to make my version of this teacher’s suggestion from TCRWP.

I started on yellow paper and sketched it in pencil first. No, this didn’t look good. I tried red paper and cut out the outline of a toolkit. Nah, that wasn’t right either. I made octagon cutouts for stop signs first in white paper, then in red paper. I finalized everything with glue after accidentally getting some on the teacher’s manual.

I held it up and smiled. I was so proud of this. I even quickly ran across the hall to show another teacher.

RW 2.jpg

My students are going to love it I thought. They will have a clear visual to give them strategies if they are stuck while reading a longer chapter book. Instead of saying “go back and re-read” for the millionth time, maybe this artistic masterpiece will inspire the students. Or maybe it was just a nice excuse for me to roll up my sleeves and break out the scissors and glue.


3 thoughts on “SOL #9 Arts and Crafts are for Grown Ups Too

  1. You are right…that visual of the toolkit will be a powerful reminder of the lessons you taught. I will procrastinate all the important stuff when I am presented with any opportunity to be crafty or creative!


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