SOL #15: The Ultimate Honor

Sunday was busy. Reports cards go home next week and I spent most of the afternoon entering grades and writing comments. It is always such a busy time. My eyes move constantly from student work on my lap, a clipboard to my left and then multiple open windows on my computer screen. I was clicking in between Google Docs when my email popped open. There it was: an email from a parent of one of my 2nd graders on a Sunday afternoon.

Subject: You should feel honored…

Uh-oh I thought, it’s never good to get a cryptic email from a parent, especially on a Sunday!. I thought. What did I forget to do? What is wrong?

I opened the email and stared at it. It was only one sentence. I was the only one home, but my high pitched “PAH” echoed through the room. I read it again. “NO WAY” I said slowly out loud. I sat back in my chair and just laughed and laughed. Who knew one sentence could be so hilarious?

I immediately texted my husband, mom and sister and spread the news. This was just too good. I truly felt honored! This is amazing!

Here is the email.

D just told me that he named his baby goat “Cindy” after you (and then 3 goat emojis).

 I couldn’t even handle it. As Sunday afternoon turned into night, I chuckled to myself every so often, thinking about little “Cindy” the goat.

The next day D walked in the classroom and said good morning. He was acting completely normal, unlike my giddy excitement.

“Good morning D!” I replied a little too quickly, I couldn’t keep a straight face. “How was your weekend?”

“It was good, but I was sick” he said.

“Did your mom tell you that she told me the news about your new goat?” I asked.

“Yeah” he said with a shy smile.

It’s just another lesson for me, a new Mainer. Pet goats, chickens, and pigs are so common in my classroom, but the ultimate honor as a teacher is to have one named after you.

I can’t wait to meet her!


11 thoughts on “SOL #15: The Ultimate Honor

  1. I love how you go into great detail about your reaction before we know what the email says. It builds suspense in a way that adds to the humor of this piece. Congratulations.


  2. Great story, Cindy. I hope you get some photos of Cindy the Goat. Very cool when one of your students names a pet after you. By the way, I had chickens as pets once and would have loved a goat and perhaps some ponies. I think the children in Maine are very lucky! Thanks so much for sharing this delightful story! Loved the suspense – what could be in this e-mail??? And then – a wonderful message, short and sweet!


  3. I think this is a pretty high honor, to be named after a student’s goat. 🙂 Enjoy your moment! I hope you do get to meet her. You’ve obviously had quite an impact on the goat owner!


  4. Well written! Thanks for the laugh today. I have taught in Maine for many, many, many years and I’ve never had a goat or a chicken named after me… though I have been called “Super Smith” for opening glue and leaping over small chairs.


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