SOL #16: “The Colemans”

SOL16 pic

Our new house is on a quiet tree lined street. Moving from a small apartment in Boston, we were impressed with all of our new space! We didn’t notice right away that our new house is directly across the street from another house. Our kitchen and living room have large bay windows that look out to the street. It is impossible to ignore the daily activity of the family across the road.

A mother, father, and son make up this family in that house. When we moved in, this family had just gotten a brand new camper, a Coleman camper. The family loved the camper. The little boy would play in it, and the dad would put the canopy up and down. Soon my husband and I started calling them “The Colemans”.

“Hey! Mrs. Coleman has an electric car starter!”

“Ah! Mrs. Coleman has already left for work, I better get going”

“Little Coleman is still playing basketball, I wish he had a younger sibling to play with.”

“Mr. Coleman is up early on a Saturday, where is he going?”

“The Coleman’s already raked all of their leaves! We better get started!”


“I wonder if the Colemans can see US in our big windows.”


“Do you think it was the Coleman’s who snow-blowed our driveway while we were in New York?”


To our surprise, we found out the little boy’s first name actually IS Coleman.





9 thoughts on “SOL #16: “The Colemans”

  1. Funny! We do this with our neighbours too. If I look out and their boys aren’t waiting for the bus I know I better get going. (They leave 10 minutes before me.) And when my father in law is here visiting he can tell you their entire schedule! 🙂


  2. I clicked on your link because I too just moved into a house with a “view into my neighbors house.” I don’t want to be seemingly nosy but it is hard not to know there comings and goings.
    I love your back and forth dialogue of the wonderings of the Colemans. Maybe your next piece could be an imaginary dialogue of what they are saying about you and your family!


    1. Oops! I hit reply too soon. Sorry for the typo, it should say: I don’t want to be seemingly nosy but it is hard not to know THEIR comings and goings.

      How do I edit a reply? I can’t take it back? boohoo!


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