SOL #19: “Mr. Cool”

SOL16 pic

There is a student in my class. I’ll call him B. He can be a handful. He is impulsive, shuts down easily, and often refuses to walk across the classroom. I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but when B says good morning as he struts into my classroom, I can’t help but smile.

I can always count on B for one-liners that make me frantically glance to the left and the right and wonder Did anyone else just hear that? He has the biggest heart, but is easily misunderstood. Maybe it is his deep voice with a slow delivery that makes his words like gold. Here is a glimpse of his highlight reel:

I tried to type out his best quotes, but they don’t stand by themselves. You must pair them with his smile, huge heart, and unique voice. He works incredibly hard and will frequently add in a “you just look so beautiful today” or “You really are the BEST teacher ever.”

It’s March and he has grown tremendously in my 2nd grade class. I can tell he is using new strategies I have given him. He is proud that he is different from everyone else. During our “Fluency Idol” competition yesterday, he performed the poem with elaborate hand gestures and used different voices. He has been working on his fluency all year and his teammates overwhelmingly voted for him to win this week’s competition. When he posed for his silly picture that will hang on our door for the next week, he chose to wear a tiara, sunglasses and a boa. As I snapped the picture he said, “Mr. Cool is now here.”

I’m going to miss “Mr. Cool” when he moves on to 3rd grade, but I hope if I have a son of my own, he is like B.


5 thoughts on “SOL #19: “Mr. Cool”

  1. That voice! Love this post and am so delighted that B. found a home in your heart as he did in mine. His growth this year is a tribute to you. “Mr. Cool is here.” Priceless!


  2. Awww! I know we aren’t supposed to pick favorites; but on the flipside…everyone DESERVES to be somebody’s favorite at least once in his/her life. I’m glad B had a chance to be in your class!


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