SOL#21: Seeds are Planted!

SOL16 pic

We couldn’t be more excited because now that we’ve moved into a house, we have room for our own garden. When we were living in Boston, we had a 12’ by 10’ space in a community garden that was a quarter-mile from our apartment. Now we have enough space to even start growing seedlings indoors!

We decided to jump to the next level. My husband was doing research and came across a store nearby that sells everything we would need for indoor growing! Perfect!

No, it was not Home Depot

Yes, we are probably the only ones in the store looking to grow vegetables.

It seemed other shoppers were more interested in other types of plants, like cannabis. My husband and I looked at each other and smiled. This was unexpected. We talked with very friendly workers in the store and left with our new 4-foot plant light and stand.

In no time we had it set up and were ready to plant! We bought 2 large trays that have small bundles of soil wrapped in netting. The directions said to pour 15 cups of water on each tray and watch the bundles expand to 2 1/2 inches. Whoa, they sure got big!

We planted our favorite vegetables and spices that need to be seedlings before they go outside: three varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, broccoli, parsley, basil, and three kinds of peppers. We tucked in each seed began the 7-10 day wait until they emerge from the soil. I’m so excited! Spring is really here!


Every time I walk down the hall I pop my head in our guest room to check on our babies.

“Hi” I whisper, “I can’t wait to eat you!”

plant light


5 thoughts on “SOL#21: Seeds are Planted!

  1. Cindy, I can just see you and your big, enthusiastic smile seeking veggie supplies at the grow store. I also love your final, unexpected comment to your plants. So nurturing! It made me laugh out loud.


  2. Have fun! We don’t have a garden but have three things against us – I have no green thumb, we have very little yard, and it’s mostly shaded. Maybe someday…


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