SOL #24: Never Too Old to Play

I didn’t feel like going for a run yesterday, but I’m so glad I did. I took a left out of my driveway and a then a right. As I got into my rhythm, I noticed the lawns of the neighbors’ houses. Some had Easter decorations and one had a brown Christmas wreath still hanging on the door. There really wasn’t any activity. People were cooking dinner or on their way home from work. I imagined homework getting done or videogames echoing in the house. I rounded the corner and I was surprised to see people outside.

Two young children were running on the grass and one other child was dribbling a basketball at the end of the driveway. The father waved as I passed just after he shot the ball into the hoop. Behind him was his wife, dressed incredibly nicely, as if she just arrived home from work. I looked back and saw her shoot the ball next.

I looked back a second time and wondered, when was the last time I saw a family playing outside together. Everyone was engaged in activity and enjoying the moment. I didn’t see any cell phones, or hear “I’m too busy” or “wait just a minute.” Maybe it was the fact that two adults were shooting baskets, not just watching.

On my way home I passed by the house again. No one was outside, but on the ground in front of the basketball hoop was evidence of a game of hopscotch. I imagined each parent taking their turn and laughing as they tried to keep their balance on one foot.

What a great reminder. We are never too busy or too old to play.


4 thoughts on “SOL #24: Never Too Old to Play

  1. Playing with the kids is an excuse to play yourself, and it energizes the evening through dinner conversation, laughing and stories. This is a fun slice!


  2. What a great moment to capture in a slice! I enjoyed sharing your wonderings about this family. One of the things I most enjoy about this challenge is how it pushes me to notice things like this–things that otherwise I probably would have missed. You are living the writerly life, Cindy!


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