SOL #27: Grandma’s Surprise

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My family took my grandparents to lunch at Olive Garden yesterday. My grandparents are 90 years old and live in an Assisted Living complex. They don’t get out much other than their daily trek to the dining room with their walkers.

After we ordered and ate surprisingly delicious meals, we patiently waited for our dessert to arrive. Grandma surprised me by insisting that we order tiramisu, her favorite. While we were waiting, she took a straw wrapper, crumpled it up, and flicked it across the table at my sister.

My sister’s eyebrows raised up and she flicked it right back at her. My grandma pursed her lips and flicked it back with more force this time. Uh oh, all of a sudden the wrapper hit my grandpa and whizzed to the floor. He is a quiet, serious man that doesn’t say very much. Well game over, I thought.

I was surprised to see that he bent down, picked up the wrapper. He put it on the table and flicked it across the table back and my sister.The wrapper war began!

I added another wrapper into the fight. My mom flicked it to me and I passed it on to my grandma. Occasionally one would fly over a shoulder and lost onto the floor. The excitement grew when my grandpa carefully placed his wrapper in the middle of the table. We all stopped flicking. He carefully aimed in the space in between the salt and pepper. 3, 2, 1, he scored! My mom and I threw our hands in the air!

Who knew this lunch would be full of so many deep laughs and high-pitched giggles? The best laughs came from my grandma and grandpa who had big smiles as we left the restaurant.


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