SOL #28: 20 Years Later

Easter Sunday is exactly like Thanksgiving. We all gather at my uncle’s house and wait for the turkey dinner. This year, we, The Cousins, decided to retake a classic family photo. Boy did we make a scene.

Easter 1

easter 2016

As I look at these photos, I can’t believe that 20 years have passed. The Cousins haven’t been all together for a long time, so it is such a special photo. For the last few years some of us were off with spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, living in another country, or working on a holiday. There were also no other significant others who come could to our gathering today. It was just us, and nothing really has changed. Robbie was still being silly, Amy couldn’t stop giggling, and Kari was trying to get us organized. It was like we were all back on the front steps like no time had passed.

I couldn’t help but think that soon we will be the ones hiding the eggs for our kids. Soon we will be the ones behind the camera urging everyone to say “cheese”. But for now, we are still the center of attention.


6 thoughts on “SOL #28: 20 Years Later

  1. I love recreation photos. I also love that you recognize even though so much has changed, so much has stayed the same. Yet, at the same time, you anticipate things changing again. Time’s a funny thing! Your slices this weekend have captured the joy and love you find with your family.


  2. What a great slice! It would be so much fun to recreate a family photo. Maybe yours will inspire my cousins and I to try the same thing! I also love your idea that for now you and your cousins are the stars of the show…but someday that will change. You will treasure these two photos!


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