SOL#31: Dear Molly

Dear Molly,

Thank you for introducing me to the Two Writing Teachers blog only a few months ago. You showed me a great resource for ideas and tips to become a better writing teacher.

Thank you for letting me read your own blog. I enjoy news of a new post in my inbox. Sometimes I leave my house late in the morning, just so I can finish reading your work! You write such eloquent poems, prose, and slices. I am inspired that you take risks with your writing.

Thank you for giving me a gentle push to commit to the Slice of Life Challenge. I never thought of myself as a writer until now. You showed me that I can have my own blog and that I can do something new that challenges me.! You gave me confidence that I could write for 31 days in a row, especially by listening to my slice ideas. 31 days ago, I wouldn’t have thought I would get comments on my writing from fellow slicers, my friends, and family. I’m so glad you teach right across the hall, mostly so we can talk about slicing multiple times a day!

Above all, thank you for being my mentor. I’m so lucky!



3 thoughts on “SOL#31: Dear Molly

  1. Congratulations!!!! You did it – write for 31 days. I enjoyed your writing style and learning so much about Maine (I really need to plan a trip north soon – I live in VA). I hope you will consider returning here on Tuesdays throughout the rest of the year to share more of your slices! I’ll be looking for you.


  2. Cindy–I can’t believe that of all slices, I missed this one! It’s been such a great experience slicing with you this month and I’m psyched you’re going to keep doing it. You’re definitely a writer and I’m glad you see yourself that way now! Can I just say–this is your best slice ever!!! 😉


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