It’s Saturday morning and I’m on my way to my favorite bakery. It has the most amazing fresh bagels that sell out, so it is important to arrive early. It takes about 25 minutes to drive to the bakery, but it is a beautiful drive, so I don’t mind. I only took one wrong turn, mostly so I could get a good glimpse of the ocean this morning.

I parked easily and walked up to the door. I pulled open the door enthusiastically; almost the way Kramer enters a room in Seinfeld. I just freeze. To my right there is an empty table except for words on a card that say plain, everything, Maine sea salt 

“Is this the line for bagels?” I asked the man closest to the door.

“Yup” he replied.

“They’re not sold out yet?”


PHEW! I made it! I followed the line as it snaked through the tiny bakery. Luckily the end was next to the barista so I could order a latte while I waited in this 25-person line. At this point I became a bit frustrated that my husband simply stayed in bed because he didn’t feel like going out, but still wanting a fresh bagel to eat. I pulled out my phone to send a snarky text, when I stopped and put it away.

Since I’ve arrived in Maine, I’ve waited in a lot of lines that have been great. Everyone in this line believes that what he or she is waiting for is worth it. Mainers are also easy-going and friendly and it’s natural to bond with your line-mates as you wait. This line was no different. A woman in front of me was carrying an infant and we exchanged memories of eating these delicious bagels, comparing them to other states we lived in, and basically rationalizing why we would wait in this line.

10 minutes later, the baker emerged from the back carrying an enormous tray over his head, full of hot bagels. Immediately following him was another man with another tray above his head. The energy in the line became audible as everyone got excited. Paper bags opened and the line began to move. People came around the corner with bags, creating a new line to pay.

Oh no, people in front of me are getting the 13 bagel limit; their bags are filled to the top.  

5 people in front of me

1 person in front of me, NOOOO!

No more bagels! Someone let the woman with the infant get the last one and my new friend left the line, smiling. There was only 1 thing I could do: wait for the next batch.

15 minutes later I had 4 piping hot bagels and headed home. It was worth it!


3 thoughts on “Bagels!

  1. Wow…at first I thought that there would be no more bagels for you…so glad that they had another fresh batch. We have a great bagel place here…hmmm…maybe I need to go check it out. 🙂


  2. Phew! I was worried there for a moment. I’m so glad you got a bagel!! You did a great job pulling the reader in. I’m having such fun reading about your adjustments to Maine living and love how you step back mentally and open yourself up to the positive time and again. Now I just need to ask you for the name of that bagel place!


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