Home Depot, I love you!

Home Depot used to intimate me. Before we moved to Maine we lived in an apartment in Boston. When my husband suggested we go to Home Depot, I would groan. What could we get that would fit in our apartment? What new chore did I have to do?

But it has been just about a year since we’ve been homeowners. Little did I know that I would also gain a special relationship with Home Depot.

I confidently now know where to go to find nails, moulding, grills, and gardening supplies. I recognize employees and actually suggest visiting the store when my husband and I have a day off. The best part is, there’s always something new to explore or learn while in the store.

My recent discovery is the men’s room. It is insane, especially on a Saturday afternoon! While I was waiting for my husband, I saw almost 10 men walk in. One asked his 2 kids to wait patiently outside, but he quickly reappeared, probably because of the crowd inside. As I waited, I began to wonder. Why is it that every man has the urge to use the restroom at Home Depot? Where did all of these men come from? Where are the women? Is the store really this big? Why does everyone have to use the restroom at the same time?

Yesterday we went to a different Home Depot and 2 different Lowes. We were trying to get prices on dishwashers, pick up a matching garden barrel and a piece of moulding. We left empty handed and were frustrated that nothing was in the right spot. I longed for MY Home Depot. Walking through this store tells the story of our first year as homeowners. This aisle is where we picked out our first lawn mower. Here is where we bought our first grill. This is the washer and dryer that we bought at the July 4th sale. Here is the hose, garbage barrel, drill, and garden tools that I love.  I can’t believe I’m saying it, but Home Depot, I no longer fear you, I love you. And you know what? I’ll probably go today.






2 thoughts on “Home Depot, I love you!

  1. Such a fun post, Cindy! I love the idea of you tracing your first year as homeowners through the aisles of Home Depot. You should pitch it to them as an advertising idea! Hope you’re enjoying the wonderful weather and unlimited trips to the Depot!


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