Yesterday a large beetle joined our class for Reading Workshop. I actually noticed him 15 minutes before the kids did, but I chose not to mention it. As expected, yelling ensued and a crowd gathered to get a peek at this intruder.

“Let’s squish him!”


“Move over”

“Wait! Where did he go?”

I inched out of my chair from my conference table.

“Are you going to kill it?” asked the student who was sitting with me at the table.

I didn’t answer.

I slowly moved toward the cupboard above the sink. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. Just head back to your book nooks!” The kids watched as I retrieved a paper cup and an index card from the cupboard.

“He went under the cubbies!” yelped a child.


“Well it looks like Mr. Beetle will be joining us for reading today. Let’s get back to work.”

Then, I called a student up to me and whispered, “If you see the beetle, here’s what to do: Take this card and cup and trap him. We can use it to put him outside.” I put the cup on a table and turned around to get back to my reading conference.

5 minutes later out of the corner of my eye I see the student rise up with a cup in her hands. I nod toward the door and she disappears.

I am saved! Another day where I don’t have to face my fears!

Goodbye Fringe Hours

I was browsing a book called What Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam. Now that I am in the routine of school, I notice I can make my fringe hours more purposeful. In the book, Laura gives advice to makeover your morning hours and suggests that you make a list of 100 dreams that can inspire your fringe hours. I was excited to make my list of 100 dreams right away! I feel like I actually have a lot of free time. I immediately put the book on the desk and opened a new document on my computer.

AND that is where I stopped writing this blog post. I decided to check my email. Worst mistake!

I realized my Fall graduate class was supposed to have started already, but there was nothing about it in my email. I casually logged into Blackboard to check and….

I am immediately overwhelmed! I have to read 168 pages by WHEN? I have 2 assignments due FRIDAY? 10 people have already posted on the discussion board?

Well, goodbye fringe hours. I guess I don’t have free time after all.