New Socks


One morning my husband said to me, “Ok! It’s sock drawer day!” He went on to explain that every so often he throws away all of his socks and buys 2 new packs at Target.

I was so surprised since he is someone that likes to save everything- especially money!

“What if they are fine? Do I still have to throw them out?” I asked.

“Yep!” he said

We gathered up all of our socks and brought them to the Kitchen Trash. We put anything that is hard to throw out in the kitchen garbage can because it really is the Point of No Return.

We set out to Target, bought new socks and came home. I took off the pair I was wearing that looked nothing like the gleaming white sock I had in my hands. I stepped around our apartment. My toes were so comfortable in the snug white cotton. My feet were smiling!

The best part was that this was not a one day event. For the next 3 weeks I would have a new pair of socks waiting for me in my drawer. Sometimes I decided to wear a newly washed pair 2 or 3 times before I grabbed a new pair. It was like saving some pairs for special occasions or to just prolong this excitement.

It’s 5 years later and my sister gave me a pack of cute socks for my birthday. Right off the bat I wore some. That was in July. Tucked in the back of my drawer are 3 new pairs still, just waiting for me to treat myself to foot heaven!