When you look into a bowl of candy, what is the first thing your eyes notice? Is it the shiny wrapping of a Three Musketeers or the black, blue, and red wrapping of a Snickers?

Usually my eyes pick out the bright orange Reese’s. When I was a kid, I would count my candy and made a tall tower of Reese’s. Even better are the varieties of Reese’s!

It all changed yesterday when someone pointed out that I am incorrectly saying its name.

“It is not Reesee’s Peecees.”

“It’s not?” I replied. “Yes it is! It’s always been that!”

“Actually it’s Reese’s Pieces” You know, like little pieces made of the Reese’s”



Luckily, my husband says it incorrectly too… but he explains that he says it that way because it is the way I say it. Figures.

Oh well. I will have to share this story with my second grade students. They are word detectives and will be able to tell me that “Reese’s Pieces” makes sense. But secretly I don’t think I’ll change.


One thought on “Reese’s

  1. Thanks for starting my day with a smile. I had so many nostalgic thoughts of chocolate hauls yesterday! I’d have given a lot for a quick transport back to my childhood family room with a tower of candy to count and siblings to trade with and perhaps a pair of wax lips to sport! I hope, however you pronounced it, that you were able to enjoy some Reese’s Pieces yesterday!


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