“You always cook the SAME things,” my husband complained one day. It’s true. I have my staple dinners that are easy to prep and taste delicious. Whether it is baked chicken thighs, sautéed broccoli, or turkey meatballs, it is always comforting to me. My husband is an excellent cook. He loves to be creative and doesn’t have the need to plan out a balanced meal to last the week like I do.

While on school vacation, I had more free time, so it was up to me to plan our dinners. Before I went to the grocery store I browsed my favorite food blog, Simply Recipes, for some ideas. Ah-ha! Turkey Chili! This was perfect; something new with complex flavors, and it’s healthy. Bonus!

Once I got back from the store, I started chopping. Onions, peppers, carrots, and garlic went into the pot. Before long everything was added and the chili was simmering. As I glanced back at the recipe I realized I still need a bay leaf. I dragged a chair across the kitchen floor and climbed up to peer into the highest shelf of the spice cabinet. I looked and I looked and then it happened.


As I moved the sugar container, the top stayed in my hand while 10 cups of sugar were launched into the air. It covered EVERYTHING, just like snow.

I slowly climbed off the chair and stood back and let out a deep sigh. This was going to be a nightmare to clean up.

But wait! I let out another sigh, but this time it was of relief! I peeked into the open chili pot and to my surprise, not a grain of sugar fell in! I quickly covered the pot anyway, just to be sure. Crisis averted… except for the clean up.


5 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Great slice, Cindy! Don’t you love how there’s always a silver lining to a disaster when you’re in the middle of the slicing challenge? “Oh, now I know what I can write about!” lol Hope you enjoyed the chili and I feel your pain about that clean up! Day one–check! 🙂


  2. Oh no! You had me at “a mess in the kitchen.” My husband always rolls his eyes when he sees I have pretty much used every pot/pan/utensil/ingredient in the kitchen…again! So glad you a.) thought to take a photo (good for laughs in the future) and b.) salvaged the turkey chili! Great slice!


  3. Great slice! I thought it would be ruined chilli for sure! The mess looks like it wasn’t too bad to clean up. My son used to love to dump things out of the baking cupboard and on to the floor. I was forever vacuuming up sugar and flour.


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