Only 5 Minutes to Pack?

How long will it take you to get ready for something?

The answer is really another question: How much time do you have?

In my experience, it always takes the amount of time I have to get ready. The same goes for packing. If I have 30 minutes, it takes me 30 minutes to pack. If I have an hour, I will spend that hour packing or getting ready. I have 5 minutes, I can be out the door in 5 minutes.

My friend Dan was the first person to make me aware of this. He said, “Since I pack in the amount of time I have, I only leave myself 5 minutes before leaving to the airport.” When I traveled with him once I offered to pick him up before we headed to the airport. When I arrived he hadn’t even started packing yet! This was so frustrating to me as I constantly checked my watch and became more and more anxious as each minute ticked by. He was not stressed by his packing and in 5 minutes we were on our way.

I thought about Dan last night. We had friends over and I thought I would be rushed to get everything ready in one hour. Things changed in my day and I actually had 2 hours before my friends arrived. And no, I did not have an extra hour to relax. It took exactly 2 hours of cleaning, cooking, outfit planning, and dusting that end table lamp, before I heard the doorbell ring.


4 thoughts on “Only 5 Minutes to Pack?

  1. This is an interesting perspective. Somehow though, when we do have less time, we do figure out how to make it work. 5 minutes to pack though – no.. not going to happen!


  2. I love this slice and the interesting perspective, but the 5 minute packing idea stresses me out! I have definitely noticed that the more time I have, the less efficient I am, but I’m not sure it always works the other way for me. This is especially true with school work.


  3. Hubby and I have always left our packing to the last day before leaving for a trip. Now that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about my packing – I know in my mind what I need to take. I relate this to when I was working, I was much more organized because everything had to get done in a certain time. Today, being retired, I don’t Have to do everything in a timely manner.


  4. Wow – cool thought. If someone came over and said you have 5 minutes to pack I’m taking you on a tour of the world, you bet I could pack in 5 minutes! I wonder what I would pack? I wonder if there would be something I wish I had? I’ll bet it wouldn’t matter at all since I’d be on the trip of a lifetime. So maybe it all comes down to perspective. I’ll just imagine that every trip is a trip of lifetime and every dinner with friends is the last one I’ll have and so time to prepare will mean nothing!


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