It Starts Today!

Today is the day! I’ve been waiting for it for 3 months. I thought about it on my drive home yesterday. I feel so excited I catch myself drumming on the steering wheel. When I got home I reminded my husband that it was 1 day away. “YES!!!” He cheered and even threw a fist pump! Wednesdays will be the day we look forward to just like it’s been for years.

I wonder what this season will bring. Tears, laughs, or both? Who will be the fan favorite? Who will I detest? Who will be the underdog? Best of all, when will the first blind side happen? Which tribal counsel will make me yell out to the TV? Who will outwit, outlast, and outplay to become the ultimate survivor? I can’t wait!

(Cue theme music… heyyy dii yaaaa dii yaa dii….)


3 thoughts on “It Starts Today!

  1. I’m excited for you- but not being much of a tv watcher I don’t know what show it is you are excited about! Feeling out of the loop. I’m always a little envious of friends who get into a show/series.


  2. Your excitement shines through! I’m thinking we are going to see another post or two about this “Survivor” season during this challenge!


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