I Can’t Help It!

I am just getting over a vicious stomach bug and my goal today was to make it to my 6-hour graduate class. My plan was to sit in the back and just take it all in. Ha! Yeah right. I did sit in the back, but you would never know that I wasn’t feeling 100%. I found the topic of “Budgeting for School Principals” completing interesting. I was engaged in all discussions and tried to be articulate. At least it made the time go by fast.

Clearly I love to participate and I process things verbally. My husband is the total opposite. I learned this when we went to a Pre-Cana marriage retreat about 6 years ago. My husband was not thrilled that there were only 5 other couples. It didn’t take long for there to be an awkward silence when the presenter asked the group a question. It was a quiet group and everyone avoided the presenter’s eyes and shifted uncomfortably in his or her chair. I couldn’t stand this. I could tell my husband rolled his eyes when my hand shot up. Here she goes again I bet he thought.

It didn’t end there. For the rest of the day I couldn’t help it, but offered lots of personal stories to add to the discussion. Why wasn’t anyone else talking? Doesn’t anyone hate the awkward silence? Oh well! I was engaged and the time flew by! Just like today.


7 thoughts on “I Can’t Help It!

  1. I am the same way! I always try to start conversations if there’s an awkward silence. I also love to talk 🙂 Sorry to hear you had the stomach bug, but glad you’re feeling better!


  2. A silence cannot last but so long, as the participants will get antsy that someone will eventually speak to end the discomfort. Kudos to you on your bravery there and for finding the energy and enjoying this long class after having been so sick!


  3. I always have something to say! And then after a while a stop myself because I think I must be annoying people. This was my problem all through university too. I’d get really interested in a topic and all the people around me would have nothing to say, so I’d stop saying things because it was embarrassing to be the only one talking. You and I should take a class together! 😉


  4. I hate the silence but I have to be totally invested in the topic to actually break it. The world needs people like you- it keeps things moving when everyone else is content to just sit.


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