“One Line A Day” Journal

Here are my One Line a Day Journals. I was going to use them to look something up for a blog post, but I’ll save that one for another day. Instead I wanted to share and reflect on how these 2 journals are my greatest treasure. It all started in 2011 from a suggestion from a friend and colleague. I picked it up from Barnes and Noble and got started. It is a 5-year journal with space to write a few lines about each day. The first year is tough because you have to be disciplined to write each day. But after that, the magic happens!

IMG_1679 (1)

So every day you get to read what happened on that day last year- or on that day for the last 4 years.

I write a variety of things and try to just write what comes to my mind right before I turn off my light to go to sleep. I write what I did, who was there, and how I was feeling.

Let’s look back at today, March 13th

March 13, 2011: We went to Austin today and went to Stubbs for BBQ- Best brisket ever- it melted in our mouths! We had 2 Austin Ambers and Chris bought a t-shirt

March 13, 2012: Fire in Back Bay and I saw the smoke and street closures as I was running. Coffee day. So tired but it worked. Being consistent at school. Chris went out with home friends

March 13, 2013: On video of PD- went ok. I talk so fast. Lots of conferences- weird to find out so much about “shy” kids. Drove Chris to get his wisdom teeth out. Crazy- his family got back from HI.

March 13, 2014: Fine day and then left early for eye appointment and then future finance talk.. Peds or Family med? Relaxed with Survivor.

March 13, 2015: Busy Friday- meh. Then out with SAS and co-workers at Church and had the best time. Great people! Joe is here! They moved couch and had matching outfits

March 13, 2016: Daylight Savings 58 and sunny! Finished report cards, blog, lunch with Chris @ hospital. Run on Macworth then grocery store. Watched Hallmark movie and loved it! Ugh Eddies

March 13, 2017       ???

As you can tell there are things that you won’t understand because you aren’t me. But it’s so nice to look back at what happened each year and smile.


4 thoughts on ““One Line A Day” Journal

  1. I LOVE this idea! If I keep it out in the open then maybe I would remember to write in it each day! Thanks for sharing a slice of your last 5 years!


  2. This is so cool to read! I have heard about these kinds of journals; what a great way to reflect on your life over five days. And the few lines seems like it would make it easier to commit since you don’t have to do a full reflection every day.


  3. What a great concept! I’ve seen these, but I haven’t tried one. Economizing one’s words to capture the essence of an entire day in one line sounds challenging, BUT it also sounds like a worthwhile endeavor.

    So glad you’re joining us again this year, Cindy!

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