How do you say it?

“Ooo I see you are eating a chicken patty for lunch!” I say to a student.

“Yep! They are so yummy.”

“Oh yeah! I love chicken patties. What did you put on it?” I ask.


“You know what else is good to put on it?”


“Mayonnaise!” I say.

“What did you say???” another student at the table asked.

“Mayonnaise,” I repeat.

“Haha! I’ve never heard anyone say it like that.” The student says.

My eyes roll. Not this again I thought. I have been teased all of my adult life for pronouncing this condiment incorrectly. I still defend myself saying I say it phonetically: “ma-yo-naise.” Apparently the correct way to say it is, “man-aise,” which I obviously do not understand. Truly it is hard for me to hear the difference. I usually just say “mayo” to avoid the entire confusion.

Darn! It slipped out today. My 2nd grader caught me and my friends would be proud.






3 thoughts on “How do you say it?

  1. Ha! This made me smile. My dad used to joke around and say two words in a funny way. He’d pronounce jalapeño “Ja-lap-a-lo” and hors d’oeuvres “HORSE-doovers.” I can easily get through jalapeño and right the wrong in my mind, but the second one I can rarely remember how to pronounce correctly. So I just say appetizer. My silly dad. 🙂


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