The After Party

Yesterday we all gathered for our friend’s baby shower. It was lovely, but it is hard to get enough time to talk to everyone. We all have such busy lives, and we don’t live in the same city. Afterwards we decided to all go out for a drink. We arrived and were seated. Then our waitress came over.

I can’t even remember her exact words. They were so perfect in the moment. As I think about it now, it doesn’t even really matter what she said. She just made us all laugh and laugh with her. We were in such high spirits we stayed for a second round. Maybe it was because of the delightful waitress, or maybe it was because we didn’t want to leave each other quite yet.

I meant for this slice to be about our quirky waitress, but instead it’s turning into my love for my girl friends. We do a good job getting together twice a year, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough. When we are together we laugh until we feel like we will rip open or run to the bathroom in fear of peeing our pants. Conversations pick up where they left off. We listen to the tough stuff and offer support.

One of my friends sent us this article last week called “Don’t Put Off Your Girls Weekends”

It says, “But what old friends know is the soul of the true person underneath all of the daily details, and maybe that’s the best part to know.” It’s true with these girls. I’m glad we turned the 3 hour baby shower into a 6 hour extended event instead. Even the mom and dad to be joined us for this impromptu after party.

I always have to make myself not be sad to say goodbye, but make myself get excited for the next time we will be together and instead say, “see you soon!”





8 thoughts on “The After Party

  1. I love when I start a slice with one intended focus, yet the real focus emerges the more I write. Girlfriends make the world go round, and I love that you were able to spend time with them yesterday. Hold these relationships close to your heart. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. How lucky you are to have such a great group of friends! I often think when I’m at parties like you shower that everyone should switch seats at least once so you get to talk with more of the people you rarely see.

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  3. I loved the line, “When we are together we laugh until we feel like we will rip open or run to the bathroom in fear of peeing our pants.” Isn’t that the best part of being with your girlfriends?! 🙂


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