A Mistake

When we got home after dinner and I decided to check my credit card statement. We just passed the middle of the month so it was a good time to check it. I scanned my purchases and my heart sank.

A mistake! I was charged twice for something.

It’s not a huge deal and I’ll straighten it out tomorrow. The extra calls and the time it will take to fix it are annoying. Why can’t I be available during business hours? How long will I have to be “on hold” tomorrow? Does that mean I don’t get to eat lunch?



4 thoughts on “A Mistake

  1. When did you start eating lunch???? lol But seriously, I feel your pain. “Annoying” is a mild word for the effort required to fix little mistakes like these–especially with report cards and conferences on the docket! On the bright side, I’m glad you noticed the double charge!


  2. I find this frustrating too. Living on the West Coast, I am happy when the company I have to call is further east because, sometimes, I can call before school starts. Most times, not.


  3. I hate the mistakes that companies make because it does create more work for you. I feel like I am constantly on the phone fixing medical mistakes from my insurers. Good luck and good catch!


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