There is always a student or two in a class that has a BIG personality. These are the students that are NEVER absent. Without fail, they will be at school.

Until yesterday…

When I saw the email from the child’s parent I let out a sigh. I felt bad that she was sick. But I also felt a little relief. Today will be smoother. I thought. I won’t have to repeat my directions 3 times!

But after the first 10 minutes of school, I realized we all missed her. She adds so much positivity and energy to our team. Without her, our team feels a bit lost. She’s the one that says, “Let’s do it,” and “Yep! I’m ready for this challenge!” or “I have a shout out for…” Of course there are times when she drives me crazy, but I realize that these are merely moments in time. She does have a big personality, but she also has a big impact on our team.



4 thoughts on “Absent!?

  1. Too funny and too true. There is always one isn’t there. When they are gone, you have all this extra time & energy normally used to keep “that one” corralled. But there is an energy missing from the class.


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