Chocolate Milk Nostalgia

Yesterday there was an extra chocolate milk left over at snack time. Our class “milk manager” asked every single student if they wanted it. When he came over he asked, “What should I do with this extra chocolate milk? No one wants it.”

“What about me? I’ll drink it!” I answered.

The look of shock on his face was priceless. Yes, teachers can drink chocolate milk too. He silently got me a straw and watched, wide eyed, as I peeled open the carton, unwrapped the straw with one hand, and took my first sip.

My eyes closed and I was immediately transported back to second grade. It was sweet, rich, and exactly the same taste as I remember. I think it’s the same carton too. It felt like it was just another day when I brought my 40 cents of milk money to school in a change purse. Usually it was a quarter, dime, and nickel.

Wow. I haven’t thought about my own elementary school experiences in such a long time. Teaching 2nd and 3rd grade for 8 years seems to replace my own memories with my day to day tasks. Chocolate milk nostalgia- what a great gift on a Thursday morning!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk Nostalgia

  1. I sometimes tell people that the only reasons I teach are recess, pizza on Friday, and chocolate milk anytime I want it. Back when I bought it the first time, though, I think it cost a nickel. Thanks for sharing your nostalgia!


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