Signs of Spring

When I opened my eyes this morning I was so excited to see bright sunshine. I could hear the birds singing despite my closed windows! I looked out the window and saw a perfect blue sky. But then I peered down and remembered that there is still SO much snow on the ground. I guess Maine didn’t get the memo that it is spring.

I walked into the kitchen and smiled at my new pot of daffodils. At least I can bring spring inside my house.IMG_1708

Before I got in the car to go to brunch, my husband urged me to look at something near our front stairs.

“Quick! Come quick!” he whispered.

I jogged over and sure enough I saw my first sign of spring!



3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. I was just thinking that we’ll be seeing some plant life soon. I haven’t seen any yet, but your picture is heartening! I love how your husband said, “Come quick!” –like the emerging flowers might disappear! Then again, have you seen tomorrow’s forecast!?!


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