Thank you, Mom

Day 31! It’s here! We did it!

Last year I used my 31st post to thank the person who had the biggest impact on my success in the Slice of Life Challenge. Thank you again, Molly, for introducing me to this great community of writers!

This year, I want to thank my mom.

My mom reads this blog every day and says she gets excited in the morning to check it. Knowing this helped me on the days when I didn’t feel like I had anything to write. I love the texts she would send that gave me such positive comments about my writing. Thank you for cheering me on.

More importantly, my mom always read my blog to her mom. It’s incredible to think that my writing spans 3 generations! Many of my posts were about teaching 2nd grade, and my grandma was a 2nd grade teacher for most of her long career. I’m so happy that she loved hearing the little stories about my classroom and kiddos.

After a tough few months, my grandma is finally doing better. I’m so glad my blog was there so she and my mom could giggle together and have something new to talk about. It makes me feel like I’m closely connected to my mom and grandma, even though I live so far away.

Thank you mom for giving me a reason to write everyday.



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