While Watching the Oscars

I rarely watch live TV. It’s usually something on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or DVR. Last night I did watch the Oscars live. It’s fun to read Twitter in real time and get a full commentary on what’s happening.

The biggest surprise though, was the commercials. It’s amazing how without them, my TV-watching has become so much more efficient. Last night however I was faced with a 2 minute break every 10 minutes. Instead of just checking my phone or absently mindedly staring at the screen, I decided that I had 2 minutes to do as much as I can. A 2-minute challenge? Oh yes!

So my night went on like this:


I laughed with Jimmy Kimmel

Loaded the dishwasher

Saw best costume design

Put away the leftover dinner

Cheered for Icarus winning best documentary

Cleaned some pots

Saw best sound editing and mixing

Cleaned the rest of the pots

Listened to “Remember Me” from Coco

Checked the weather- 8-12 inches of snow on Wednesday?!?

Cheered for Allison Janney for best supporting actress

Took out my contacts and brushed my teeth

Grumbled that Kobe Bryant’s animated short film won instead of Negative Space

Checked the weather again- Snow day snow day snow day!?!

Impatiently waited for “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman


…until the next commercial when I didn’t know what to do.

So I turned it off and said goodnight.

One thought on “While Watching the Oscars

  1. What a great structure for your slice! I love how you challenged yourself to complete as much as you could in 2 minutes. It’s really surprising what you can accomplish, isn’t it? I had such an image of you swirling around your house during commercial breaks. I’m with you on the snow day watch–keep checking that forecast! lol


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