The Pencil Shop

Whenever I travel to NYC, it is always extremely busy. During our last trip, my husband and I had an unplanned afternoon. We headed to Katz’s Deli ,which was on my husband’s bucket list. After we were full to the brim with pastrami, we needed to do something while we waited to get hungry again.

Hmmm… I scanned by brain for things I’ve wanted to do in New York.

Then it hit me- The Pencil Shop!

I heard about it on Anne Bogel’s “What Should I Read Next?” podcast a few months ago. It is a small store in the lower East Side that sells only pencils. I looked it up and it turns out it was only a 12 minute walk away.

Ok! I grabbed Chris’ arm and said, “follow me!”

“Where are we going?”

“The pencil shop!”

“What? A store that sells pencils? Do you need to buy pencils?” he asked.

“Huh? No! But I heard about it and we have to GO! It’s a writer thing.” I explained.

When we walked up, it was exactly what I pictured. A small sign greeted us that said CW Pencil Enterprise. Shelves lined the walls with jars filled with pencils. There were pencils from Japan, Pakistan, Switzerland, and all over the US. There were pencils varying in thickness of lead. Some were for artists and others were for writing. There was even a testing station to try some out! The clerk was helpful and patient since I didn’t have any idea what I wanted. I walked back and forth along the jars, picking out some to buy- mostly randomly.

Eventually the clerk wrapped my 6 pencils in yellow paper and tied it with string. I slipped it into my bag and headed back to the street.

I sighed happily. That was such a New York experience. You never know what you’ll find. A store that sells only pencils? Of course there is one!

“Thanks for joining me on this little adventure,” I told Chris, “Onward to the pork buns!”


7 thoughts on “The Pencil Shop

  1. I can really picture this conversation:

    “What? A store that sells pencils? Do you need to buy pencils?” he asked.

    “Huh? No! But I heard about it and we have to GO! It’s a writer thing.” I explained.

    Best two lines of dialogue I’ve read in a while.


  2. There’s so much I love in this slice…your waiting to get hungry again, your knowing about the pencil store, the dialogue Adrienne mentioned, the actual visit, and then “onward to the pork buns!” I’m so envious of your adventure. What a great slice!


  3. Oh – now I want to go, too! You create such a perfect moment – including the before and after and not lingering too long on the shop piques my interest. I imagine that I now feel the way you did before you went. A shop that sells only pencils. Who’d of thunk?


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