Is Going to the Movies a Mistake?

Sometimes going to the movies is a mistake. It’s not the movie that’s the problem. It’s me.

A local movie theater just got renovated and now it is incredibly comfortable and convenient. We don’t have to go through any traffic lights to get there and you take all right turns! There are new recliner chairs and you can choose your exact seats when you pre-order tickets. It’s a dream!

The problem begins when I arrive and inevitably get popcorn. It is always much too big. Ha I’ll never eat all of that I think to myself.

We get to our seats and get comfortable and start to munch on our salty snack. It’s like my husband and I are in a race to see who can shovel more popcorn into our mouths. The previews haven’t even started yet! By the opening credits of the movie I tell myself that I’m ready for a break. I put the bag on my husband’s lap and move to the other side of my seat.

Not 5 minutes goes by before my hand finds its way into the bag. Only 1 handful I tell myself. But when I finish that handful, my hand automatically fills back up. If I eat slowly this will be my last handful I think.


About 1 hour into the movie my belly starts to hurt and I put the bag on the floor but it’s too late. I spoiled my dinner and I feel sick. I knew going to the movies was a bad idea.


3 thoughts on “Is Going to the Movies a Mistake?

  1. I love how you wrote the single word “Lies” on one line. Very effective when combined with your internal dialogue! lol I rarely go to the movies, but my family knows that I don’t share my unbuttered large popcorn. I shove every last kernel into my mouth. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing that it doesn’t bother my stomach…it definitely does spoil dinner though!


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