Great Advice After A Long Day

It was a long afternoon of parent-teacher conferences. As I wrapped up my last meeting, I packed up my things and dragged my tired body down the hallway and out into the parking lot. Seeing my car, all alone, made my shoulders hunch even lower.

I finally made it home and entered our warm kitchen.

My husband pulled a homemade pizza from the oven and gave me a big hug. I nibbled on my slice and felt like a zombie. It was 8:00 and I was exhausted. Afterwards I curled up into a ball on the couch with an episode of Friends.

It’s only Monday.

As I got ready for bed, I looked into the mirror above my dresser. Poked into the edge, is a quote that my mentor teacher gave me during my first year of teaching.


It’s still such a great reminder, 9 years later.

8 thoughts on “Great Advice After A Long Day

  1. Wise words to remember! Those conference days are incredibly long and draining. I hope there aren’t too many more left. Hot pizza is a bonus at the end of a long day.


  2. What a wise mentor to give you that Emerson quote. i’m glad you read it once again after your long and draining day. Hope the remaining conference days run smoothly.


  3. Best advice ever! I’m going to print that out and tuck it somewhere at home. I love that your mentor gave you that and that Chris totally came through with the pizza! Nice!


  4. Wow! I too need to taped these words to my desk, my bathroom mirror and everywhere else that I can recall I did all that I could that day!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all.


  5. Your day was long and every minute filled but what a way to come home … homemade pizza in the oven! What a way to end the day! It’s those small moments that change the entire course of a day.


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