Pizza Time

A few weeks ago my husband and I went over to a friend’s house for dinner for homemade pizza. We discovered that buying pre-made dough made the pizza-making process so much easier. When we went home I also searched my cabinets and drawers and found a pizza stone and a wooden peel (that’s what it’s actually called!). I forgot we got one when we got married.

So this week we bought the dough and got ready to make the pizza. I was a little nervous. When my husband and I first moved in together we decided to make homemade pizza when his parents visited for the first time. We lived in a Boston apartment and set the entire building fire alarm off. Everyone had to evacuate and the fire trucks came. So much for making a good impression to my future in-laws.

That’s why this time I wanted to make sure I was prepared. I sat down at my laptop and do what I always do when I need to learn how to do something. I go to YouTube. Sure enough I found a great little video instructing me on how to use the pizza stone. My biggest take away was to make sure that I leave it in the oven afterwards to cool down.

We put out pizza in the oven with the wooden peel, waited 10 minutes, and successfully shimmied it back out. It came out great!

Last night however, I preheated the oven to bake chicken. When I opened the door to put the pan inside, I saw the pizza stone! It was 400 degrees in the oven so I decided to leave it.

“Mmmmm smells good!” my husband said when he walked into the kitchen. He cracked open the oven door and then turned and looked at me. “Why is the pizza stone still in there?”

“Well I forgot to take it out before I preheated the oven and the YouTube video said to make sure to leave the pizza stone in the oven until it cools. It specifically said DON’T TOUCH IT.”

“What? Of course you can take it out.”

“No, don’t!” I said in a panic.

“Oh come on it’s fine.” He grabbed some pot holders and gracefully removed the stone and placed it on a burner on top of the stove.

“Oh…. good job.” I said.

He smirked and walked away.

I guess there will be a lot more pizza in our future!
















4 thoughts on “Pizza Time

  1. Funny, Cindy! I can totally imagine a similar scene between me and my husband. Me following the YouTube video instructions (“No, don’t!”) and him improv-ing it (“Of course you can take it out!”). I love that there was panic in your voice when he opted to ignore those instructions. By the way, isn’t it amazing how much you can learn from a YouTube video?


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