SOL #13: Is it time for shorts?

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Little by little I am learning about what it’s like to be a Mainer. Yesterday I learned to not get my hopes up about spring coming early. It will come, just not yet.

On Friday the weather forecast said sunny and 58 degrees for Saturday! Woohoo! 58 degrees is just about 60, and 60 is almost shorts weather, so why not go to the beach? I thought I will probably have layers on and the sun will warm my body and soul and let me devour pages in a book. I told my colleagues at work on Friday that I was going to the beach.

“Really?” they gasped.

“Yep, I’m not going swimming or anything, but it will be just nice to sit out and get warmed by the sun.” I replied.

Well the joke is on me I guess. When I woke up on Saturday I checked the weather over and over again. What?! The high temperature was now only going to be 52 degrees. Oh well I thought. I’ll just go for a run on the beach instead. Noon approached and the temperature was only 48 degrees but it said it feels like 40. What? This can’t be right! So I went to the beach anyways.

When I arrived I had to quickly put on my spare jacket because of the strong wind. So much for a beach day I thought. There were other people on the beach taking walks or playing with their dogs. One couple had winter coats and hats- Smart idea I thought. Another man was barefoot! Another woman was in shorts. Wait! Were we all confused by the weather report or is this “shorts and barefoot weather” for Mainers?

It didn’t help when I got a text message from my mom saying that it’s 61 degrees in Connecticut at my childhood home. Then later I saw Instagram photos saying it is 60 degrees in Boston. Is a 2 hour drive really making a 10 degree difference?

It seems like there are 2 types of Mainers: one that keeps the winter coats and gloves ready and doesn’t get too excited for an early spring, and the other that cannot wait for the shorts to come on… when it hits 45 degrees. I guess I’ll be less trusting of the weather forecast and will have to wait a little longer for spring. Maybe I will pull out my shorts too, just in case.



4 thoughts on “SOL #13: Is it time for shorts?

  1. I loved how you included all the people you saw on the beach as you describe the ups and downs of your challenge to understand Maine weather as you experience it as a newbie! Great glimpse into your day!


  2. What a fun slice, Cindy! I love how you shared your struggle to understand spring in Maine. I’m still smiling at your optimism that there will be a time when you choose to swim in the ocean in Maine. I can’t wait to read that post!


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