SOL #12: Mud Season

I finally titled my blog: “Mainer in Training” I feel like it is so fitting since I moved to Maine in late June last year. I am not new to New England. I grew up in Connecticut, went to college in Rhode Island, moved to South Texas for a bit, but then back to Boston for the last 4 years. It was about a year ago that we got the news that we would be moving to Maine. I was thrilled! A new adventure awaits us! How different could Maine really be? Portland is only a 2-hour drive from Boston.

A lot is the same, but I am learning things that are so special and unique to Maine. One thing someone told me right after we moved here was that I would never be a “Mainer.” My kids wouldn’t even be “Mainers.” The first Mainers in our family will be our grandchildren. I rolled my eyes at this comment, but after living here for 9 months I am beginning to think it might be true. I am a “Mainer in Training” and I’m okay with that.

One of the new things I am experiencing for the first time is “Mud Season.” Apparently there are 5 seasons here: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and MUD. I had read about this briefly, but today I experienced it.

I ran my normal running route. First I take a left, head down the street and out of my neighborhood, cross a busy road and then get onto the trail. The trail parallels a river and then takes me back out to another street. I ran on this road all summer, fall, and many days in the winter. I even cross country skied on it.

Today I was taken by surprise. The trail was transformed. The ground was now thawed because of the 50 degrees and sunshine we had today. The ground was now unreliable. Sometimes my foot slipped to the side in the mud, or I would drop down 3 inches or so to a new level of dirt. Running turned into walking and going off the trail especially down the hills. My legs were splattered with dark brown muck. I fell twice. Once onto my knee and the second time I fell forward causing me to land on my elbows. My feet were soaked, my sneakers were brown, and my clothes dirty.

“This is mud season,” I said to myself as I continued running without brushing the mud off my clothes. This is another gem found in Maine. It is like I know a secret. I wonder what my “Mainer Training” has in store for me next.


4 thoughts on “SOL #12: Mud Season

  1. Love this idea! This could be your topic all month long. I love the way you talked about the truisms of this “mud season” that you are coming to know. Easy and enjoyable to read.


  2. This also brought a smile to my face. You are a Mainer in Training like I will always be Almost French. The similarities are uncanny. I love Maine, in all of it’s 2 seasons (as one Mainer once told me on one of my many visits). It may be time for another summer road trip…Thanks for the lovely read this morning.


  3. Last summer I read Cynthia Lord’s book A Handful of Stars set in Maine and I loved learning all about Maine. It is definitely a state I want to visit. (I live in VA) Be careful as you run during mud season.


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