SOL #26: Late Night Treats

SOL16 pic

When I walked in the door of my parents’ house last night at 10:30 PM, I knew it would be a late night. I left Maine hours earlier, stopped in Boston to pick up my sister before heading to our childhood home in Connecticut.

While stopping in Boston, my sister and I decided to go to dinner in Harvard Square to wait out the traffic on the Mass Pike. We were walking down the street and passed Mike’s Pastry. We both simultaneously turned around and marched right through the door of my dad’s favorite dessert place. We didn’t need any time to browse the extensive menu. We bought 3 fresh cannolis and a fudge brownie. The clerk put them in the classic “Mike’s” box, wrapped in string, and we headed out.

We arrived at my parents’ house and I grabbed my giant duffle bag, backpack, and our precious Mike’s Box.

“Dad, there is a surprise waiting for you on the coffee table,” my sister said as we gave our mom and dad big hugs.

“WHOA! You guys went to Mikes?????” he gasped with a giant smile. It didn’t take more than a minute for forks to appear as we sat around the sweets and chatted about all of the great things happening in our lives.

As we all headed to bed after midnight, I snapped this picture, the only evidence that remains.

FullSizeRender (44)


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