SOL#30: You win, Hannaford

We recently decided to try a new grocery store because we heard it was a lot cheaper. Going to a new grocery store is like beaming to another planet. Where do I park? Why are there 3 types of carts? Where is the soy milk? Where is the garlic? WHOA there is a whole isle with individual bins for making trail mix! What an incredible selection of fresh fish! Wait a minute; my favorite wine is $3 cheaper!

I wasn’t entirely sold on the new grocery store until today. I mean our new grocery store is a 3 minutes drive, but our old grocery store was only 30 seconds away from our house. Today I drove the extra distance after work and explored the new store. As I turned out of the last isle and headed toward the register, I peeked around the magazine rack. No line!

I put all of my items onto the conveyer belt and was greeted by an upbeat clerk!

“Glad to see you brought your re-usable bags!” she said (Portland, Maine charges 5 cents per plastic bag, so I never go anywhere without them)


“Well I’ll just put them right in your cart because today is Free Bag Day!”

I watched, open mouthed, as the clerk packed my groceries very comfortably into 4 brand new re-useable bags. What a surprise! Free stuff! It was like I won the lotto! What is better than a little perk on a Tuesday?

Ok, Hannaford, you win. You have a new loyal customer!


4 thoughts on “SOL#30: You win, Hannaford

  1. Hannaford is my first choice also! Just up the road a piece though. We also drive a bit farther to get there. Our “other store” is closer and we choose to buy fish there because of it’s freshness and the selection, but for everything else it is Hannaford’s. We don’t get charged for bags though…unless you mean you get a discount for bringing your own?


  2. I had never thought about the grocery store like a relationship. But it is so true. Awaiting a new store to open across the street from my current store and am feeling torn.


  3. I’d never considered my relationship with my grocery store, but you’re so right! I love the first paragraph and your delight in the new store/new relationship. It is so disorienting to navigate at an unfamiliar grocery store and your questions really convey that! Sounds like you are headed for a long-term, rewarding relationship. Enjoy!


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