My Swedish Pride

It’s been 4 years since I changed my name. I really do like it. It’s now Swedish. Instead of 3 syllables it’s only 1. It has 6 letters but only has one vowel. Just think about that. 6 letters with ONLY 1 VOWEL. It’s actually a nightmare for my 2nd graders to pronounce, read, and spell. It’s so tricky that when I am speaking to a customer service person on the phone, I just spell it instead of even trying to make them say it.

The first time I visited Sweden I was so proud to walk through customs with my new Swedish last name on my passport. I almost expected there to be applause. Of course that didn’t happen. Instead I felt completely out of place with my brown curly hair among all of the blondes.

When I received an email from our guidance counselor announcing that our school would be having visitors from a school in Sweden, I immediately was interested. Without hesitation, I volunteered to have these Swedes visit my classroom. I imagined them being impressed with my authentic Swedish last name on the wall outside the door. I pictured us laughing at my hilarious anecdotes that I would share about the 2 weeks I spent in Stockholm, Lund, and Malmo.

Today they visited my classroom for the 3rd or 4th time. To my disappointment no one noticed my name. When I mentioned that I had been to Stockholm, they smiled politely and then switched the conversation back to my teaching.So much for my Swedish connection. They will be back tomorrow, so there’s still a chance!

One thought on “My Swedish Pride

  1. This happens to me all too frequently: I expect someone to be as excited as I am about something that turns out to be just the smallest detail that only I seem to find remarkable hahah! But good for you for being proud of your name and seeking out its connections!


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