SOL #22 Goodbye Winter

SOL16 pic

When I woke up yesterday morning and opened my eyes for the first time, I could tell that it was snowing. The closed binds had a bright halo around them. I tiptoed over to the window and peeked out. Hmm there’s not enough yet.

I made some coffee and headed to our home office to read and comment on some slices. I turned on an acoustic playlist from Spotify and just relished in the peaceful morning of a snow day.

Thirty minutes later, I looked out the window to the left of my computer screen and looked at the falling snow. Still, there’s not quite enough.

I turned on part of the Today show, had some yogurt with homemade granola, and looked out onto the street. Yes! The plow hasn’t come yet! I threw on my boots, opened the garage and put my foot into the snow. Yep, 4 inches will have to do.

One of my favorite things about living in our new house in Maine is this moment. I lace up my cross-country ski boots, and strap on my skis. I push off and glide down the driveway and take a left. There are no cars on the street, just me. I travel across a soccer field of a school in our neighborhood and make it onto the trail. I’m so glad I didn’t bring my headphones. It was so quiet and everything was still except for the swoosh of my skis.

Thank you, spring, for letting me cross-country ski one last time. I know you’re here, but I’m glad I got to have a proper goodbye to my friend, winter.




5 thoughts on “SOL #22 Goodbye Winter

  1. My husband and I snuck in cross-country skiing yesterday too. Just enough snow in Boston — we too love being able to lace up and go! We joked that we might be the last set of skis that trail saw until next December….


  2. Making lemonade out of lemons? No, I see that you appreciate both seasons. I think snow is beautiful, especially when I know it will be gone soon! I know you enjoyed your cross-country skiing.


  3. What a wonderful way to spend our unexpected snow day! I can just imagine you swooshing through that beautiful snowfall, relishing it. I’m so glad you were able to bid a fond farewell to winter.


  4. We had one of last cold snaps this week. So glad I didn’t put my winter clothes away. No snow shows, but glad to be able to keep the windows open and the AC off. I am glad Jack Frost left you some snow.


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