SOL #23 A Lesson for Me

We are wrapping up a poetry writing unit. Yesterday we focused on revising 2 poems to make them as great as they can be. In only two days the students will be sharing their poems with their parents at our version of a poetry slam. I was so excited to get ready for the celebration and I’m so proud of the poems. Many students were writing from new perspectives, experimenting with line breaks, making interesting comparisons and playing around with patterns. The poems turned out better than I had expected!

I was surprised that I became frustrated during writing workshop yesterday. Our revision day was not going as planned. I already felt rushed since we had a snow day yesterday and it was already Tuesday! When I asked the students to choose 2 of their favorite poems to revise, most did not pick the ones that were their best work. It seemed like I needed to conference with everyone- all at once! All of a sudden writing time was over. I felt so unproductive. This didn’t work.

As I was reading through the poems at home later that night I was surprised again! These poems were just amazing! One striving student wrote a poem that stuck out to me. She repeats the first stanza again at the end of her poem. We didn’t even talk about this in a mini lesson or a mentor poem. Wow.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to trust the work my students are doing. My students are growing; I just need to make sure that I slow down, so I can see it.



3 thoughts on “SOL #23 A Lesson for Me

  1. I’m with you in needing this lesson. My daughter started horseback riding more than a year ago, and most girls her age progress to jumping confidently by now. But she’s not–she’s progressing slowly but still loves it. I have to remind myself that she’s not yet 9, enjoying herself, using her body well and learning a new skill. Who cares if her pace is slower than most? It’s right for her. Hoping you can enjoy the pace that your kids need, not the one your schedule demands!


  2. Cindy, we often miss the evidence of student progress in the flurry of our days. Your ending lines are an important reminder: ” My students are growing; I just need to make sure that I slow down, so I can see it.” Thanks for reminding me to slow down a bit and take a longer view. I hope to read a slice about the poetry slam later this week.


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