Sanity Savers

Thank you, Molly, for giving me this idea. You can read her post Here.

It is truly the perfect day to remind myself of my sanity savers. It’s a busy time of year. Report cards and parent conferences are approaching. I’m also taking 2 graduate classes. My biggest sanity saver is the sun. It warms my whole body, like a hug. Unfortunately it feels like -10 degrees outside. The sun is out, but won’t help me today.

Here are my sanity savers (in no particular order):

  • reading a book while sitting in the sun
  • audiobooks!
  • putting on calm music loud enough to be heard all through the house
  • a cup of tea
  • drinking a latte at a coffee shop (with the artful milk design of course)
  • writing and receiving a silly text
  • red wine in front of a fire
  • a long run (with a good podcast like Reply All)
  • picking up books from the library
  • my Paris calendar
  • the beach
  • having a clean kitchen
  • thick slipper socks
  • anything from Eddie Bauer (another fleece? Yes please!)
  • xc skiing right from my front door
  • French fries (Oh yes!)
  • The quiet when it snows
  • Heated car seats
  • My mittens that live in my coat pockets

What are your sanity savers?

8 thoughts on “Sanity Savers

  1. Saving this for another day to slice about! Love your sanity savors and just reading them instantly calmed me. Sunshine is my #1 too, and it feels like -10 where I am as well (Maine).


  2. We share a lot of them! Definitely tea, latte in a coffee shop (with or without a friend), and red wine. Also, time to myself, a quiet house, a nap (rare), a warm sweater, and a night out with my husband. Oh, a visit and/or text from my college student, too. Nice list!


  3. I misread the last item as “kittens that live in my coat pockets.” Now that would be interesting! These are lovely, and it is always grounding to go through and list all the sweet treats of life.


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