Treat Yo Self!

treat yo self

I was watching an episode of Parks and Rec while on the elliptical this morning. In the episode, Tom and Donna were having “Treat Yo Self” Day. It seemed like the perfect theme for my Saturday.

At 12:30 I scheduled a massage. For Christmas my husband got me a gift certificate and after a busy few weeks, it was the perfect time for one. When I made the appointment I felt a little guilty spending my time on this luxury since the only other massage I had was on my honeymoon. When I was driving to Maine Bodyworks, the guilt melted away when I heard Tom’s voice in my head saying, “treat yo self!”

Before my massage I decided to stop at my favorite bakery, Standard Baking Co. At first I couldn’t find a parking spot so I had to do a loop around the block. Suddenly I saw a car back out right in front of me! Yes! I got the perfect spot.

When I asked for a chocolate croissant, the clerk said they were already sold old. I ordered a blueberry oat scone instead. “But wait,” the baker said, “We have a fresh tray of chocolate croissants!”

This is perfect! Yes, I’ll have both the scone and croissant. I felt like I could hear Donna chanting, “Treat yo self! Treat yo self!”

My massage was perfection. My treats were scrumptious. Sometimes you need a little “me time” and an excuse to “treat yo self!”



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