The Raspberry Incident

“Nice shirt, Cindy” a colleague said yesterday at lunch.

“Thanks! It’s my Spring Shirt since it’s yellow like the sun.” I replied.

Two years ago I first wore my Spring Shirt. It is bright yellow with white and blue wide stripes. It is thin cotton, three quarter sleeves, and just so comfortable. I waited until the perfect March sunny day to wear it.

Except it wasn’t a perfect day for the Spring Shirt. During snack time, a raspberry practically exploded as I bit into it. A penny sized stain appeared on my shirt! Oh no! Not raspberry juice! It’s going to stain!

I quickly got to my computer and sent out an email that said this:

Does anyone have a tide stick? I had a raspberry incident with my shirt!! 😦

A few minutes later 3 tide sticks appeared at my door. Math had to start 5 minutes late as I frantically got to work soaking and rubbing the stain. Phew! I saved it!

A little later I got an email back from my principal. Apparently when he saw my email he rushed out of his office on the way to my classroom to bring me a yard stick to measure the tide with. He said he was halfway there when he realized what the raspberry incident referred to. His note concluded with:

Good luck with the shirt and in case you need to know high tide is at 11:17 this morning and will be 10’8”.

Luckily when I wore my Spring Shirt yesterday, everything went smoothly. The bonus is reliving the raspberry incident and giggling about the tide stick all over again.

2 thoughts on “The Raspberry Incident

  1. Isn’t it funny how certain items of clothing can bring back strong memories? I love that you have a “spring shirt!” I’m hoping that your wearing it will nudge us into spring territory. The view outside my window is still much too white! This reminds me that I have a potential spring skirt… hmmm… maybe together we can double team Mother Nature!


  2. I love this. This is a great way to tell our stories. I use a strategy with my students called “scars on my body” to help them write about injuries they might have had and the stories behind them.


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